Terminal Information Booklets (ISGOTT)

Port owners and operators are facing strict international requirements and regulations. Several of these regulations are implemented in our national regulations. The guidelines in ISGOTT (International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals) are not as yet implemented in national regulations, but several terminals handling tankers loading and discharging oil products have implemented the ISGOTT code in their own port regulations. ISGOTT applies to oil tankers and oil terminals.

Transportutvikling AS has, for many years, developed and produced Terminal Information Booklets based on the ISGOTT code, f. i. for coastal terminals owned/operated by Statoil and Forsvarsbygg. 

The purpose of these booklets is to be of aid to master and crew of tankers when calling at one of these terminals, during their stay and when leaving the terminal. The booklet describes the terminal, services available, communication procedures, safety procedures, limitations, alarm instructions, mooring plans, depth alongside the terminal and so on.  Several terminals also have their own local regulations.