Other Terminal Information Booklets

§ 40 in the Harbour and Fairway Act points out that “Port facilities shall be managed and maintained so that the public’s demands for port- and transport services are met in an efficient and safe way”. Kystverket is at present developing new regulations which means extended demands for information from the port authorities/port facility owners.

Such information from the ports are primarily intended for vessels, so that the Master gets sufficient information about the facility; enabling him to assess whether to bring the vessel alongside or not. Another issue is that the available information will contribute to more rational cargo handling, thus shortening the vessel’s stay alongside the terminal and reducing costs.

In the new regulations are incorporated demands for information stated in international conventions such as SOLAS an STCW, and national regulations. It is fair to suppose that issues like depth/sea bed conditions alongside the berth, fairways, inlet, berth conditions, equipment, storage areas and sheds, logistics, procedures, mooring, bollard strength, fender conditions, weather conditions etc. should be described in a professional and readable way. Activities and particular conditions in the particular port will also have to be taken into account. 

At present, Transportutvikling AS is developing new and up-to-date “Terminal Information Booklets” which are coherent with the forthcoming regulations, hereunder required information for the port’s web and social media profile.