Shipbuilding inspection and supervision

Transportutvikling AS performs shipbuilding inspections and supervision.

Transportutvikling AS performs shipbuilding inspections and supervision. Our staff is most competent, with ample experience as regards different type vessels, from operative service on board, and from yards and shipbuilding supervision and inspections.

These services are carried out on shipyards, by close follow-up of different activities, progress and rules and regulations. The object may be a newbuilt ship or a vessel being restructured or repaired/overhauled. When supervising, it is most important to ensure that the project is proceeding according to plan, to possess knowledge of rules and regulations and being able to cooperate and communicate properly, etc.

Ship inspection is normally carried out when an owner is considering investing in second hand tonnage. To make sure that one is investing in the “proper vessel”, several ships may be inspected in order to assess the vessels’ condition and suitability. Some owners, like f.i. a county council, which is looking for a ferry or a commuter vessel for a certain local traffic, will need a thorough inspection of the vessel in question, in order to ascertain that the vessel meets the expected standards and is in accordance with tender specifications.

Transportutvikling’s staff has carried out inspection of several vessels, f.i. pilot boats, ferries and fast commuter craft.