Route planning and scheduling

Coastal Norway consists mainly of fiords and islands with limited road connections. Due to this, one finds an extensive network of local commuter crafts, ferries and coasters, being vital components in developing local communities. This demands efficient management and well adapted and integrated transport solutions, and such demands are presented both from public players, commercial businesses and the local communities in question.

Developing proper solutions demands professional knowledge and experience in order to ensure that public and commercial goals are met. Several of our staff possess extensive experience from leading positions in shipping, and we assist shipping companies, public authorities and other players in route planning, scheduling and other issues related to the routing of vessels, such as pre-studies, analyzes, market assessments, economical evaluations and recommendations as to selection of suitable vessels. Transportutvikling AS always base our recommendations on professional methods and practical solutions. When particular professional knowledge is required, we draw on our professional network within several specific marine segments.

 Transportutvikling AS contributes to adapting routing and choice of vessels to the actual demands, and to developing practical management concepts. Likewise, we produce similar solutions for international markets, and not only for marine transports.