Ports & terminals

The port is a vital link between sea and land, and the port is an important player within several modes of commercial activities and development. It is evident that the port’s important role is underestimated in most plans related to developing local societies and regions.

Ports differ as to their role in the community, i.e commercial beneficiaries, type of cargoes handled, equipment, level of development, geographical situation, etc. Nevertheless, modern port development demands efficient logistics in order to enable ports to serve their customers, connected logistics systems, and being able to compete with other ports and other means of transport. 

Transportutvikling AS will assist in producing preliminary studies, economical/market analyzes, plans, recommendations as to logistic systems, layout, equipment and organization, and carrying out development plans by supplying project management. 

Transportutvikling AS assistance and proposals are based on professional knowhow and practical solutions.