Market surveys and analyzes

A market survey goal is mainly to achieve knowledge of the related market, its volume, customers/requirements and the competitors. The future, and not the history, is the most important issue. It is also a question of economics and logistical conditions. Our customer often present particular demands which must be addressed. Consequently, the project goal normally varies, depending on the customer’s demands and the nature of the project.

It is usually a question of reducing the uncertainty related to a future market. Several issues are not known and cannot be known, and one has to make assessments in order to find the most probable answers and/or suggest probable results, depending on different assumptions. Market surveys are therefore necessary, in order to minimize uncertainties.

Our market surveys are based on a professional understanding of the nature of transport and logistics. It is not sufficient to count tons. In order to utilize data information, and to make the correct decisions, one also should collect information about the goods, such as quality, weight, volume, means of transport and storage, etc.

 We produce similar assessments for passenger transport, such as regional fast commuter craft.