HUB development

Transport HUBs are found both in lesser terminals/ports and international regions. Useful transport solutions and market focus are, however, decisive, when determining the efficiency of a HUB.

Different ports, communities and regions have different characteristics, but most of them possess qualities which can be developed. One should, however, adapt ambitions based on realistic goals. A local advantage should be of value to those players one wishes to attract or serve. A transport-related development plan should have a professional and real commercial basis, in order to achieve future success.

Transportutvikling AS assist in preparing initial studies, transport analyzes, strategic assessments and offer project management when carrying out concrete plans and projects.

A development plan made by Transportutvikling AS is always based on a professional, methodical approach and practical solutions. As part of the development process, a market assessment is normally produced, in which the relevant transport volumes related to that particular region/community are identified.

Transportutvikling AS will ensure that the development plan has a realistic basis, and is available for the bodies who make decisions, i.e. national authorities or commercial players with commercial motives. We will assist in ensuring progress in carrying out the plan, and to achieve concrete results for our customer.