Economic evaluations and financial solutions

One faces economical limitations and conditions whenever making decisions related to any transport- and logistic issue, whether one is launching a new sea route, constructing port infrastructure, or developing a regional HuB with a complete infrastructure and management.

Technical calculations are of course important, but the project’s long-term profitability is governed by several other issues. The basis for a successful investment is not only infrastructure costs and when the infrastructure is to be completed. A number of other conditions are important when determining the profitability, such as f.i. what is necessary, in order to defend a port development project or establish a new marine route. 

Today’s decisions will have a long-term effect on the economical results. Solid economical assessments are usually more extensive than a technical recommendation, and should include market conditions, internal organization, risk profiles, limitations, connected transport solutions, etc. 

Transportutvikling AS assist in finding a solid basis for decisions to be made, by offering advice as to financing and producing financial plans, estimating values when commercializing new areas, total profitability when constructing new port infrastructure or developing a port. In addition, we offer assistance as to addressing public authorities, banks, etc.