Developing transport- and communication plans

Transport- and communication plans are essential in order to ensure a proper transport development, and are often a must when establishing regional development strategies and public plan documents. NTP (National Transport Plan) is being updated every 4. year, and the regional proposals are often late or they are not professional enough to be included in the national processes.

Transportutvikling AS assist development players, municipalities, regions, counties and public authorities as regards f. i. transport- and communication planning.  Our contribution is related to initial studies, analyzes, plans and strategic documents for developing and improving regional infrastructure or management solutions. Documents for such porposes may be proposals directed towards NTP, development plans for a county, regional transport plans, etc. 

Our aim is to contribute to adapting the transport-/communication plan to the actual demands, and that the plan focuses on a development adapted to commercial and political goals. 

We assist private enterprises in planning their transport and logistics activities, when developing new transport modes, transport strategies, improvements, or as a discussion partner. We develop practical solutions, based on a professional approach.