Developing and improving transport solutions

Transportutvikling AS is developing new - and improving existing – transport solutions on regional, national and international basis, focusing on environmentally sound transport and efficient transport chains. We have developed expert competence on marine and rail transport, and the port as an intermodal HUB. We are one of the very few companies in this segment specializing on the northern areas and the challenges which have to be met in these parts of the world: Cold climate, unforeseen weather conditions, considerable tide differences, limited infrastructure, long and challenging distances, etc. 

Transportutvikling AS presents solutions for local/regional customers, and has developed networks and models for international transport corridors. 

Developing such solutions internationally presents a number of challenges, which are often not only linked to logistics, but also to issues like cultural differences, political and legal conditions, etc. Developing international transport solutions, often combined with regional development and transport HUBs, are often challenging tasks, demanding specific knowledge and patience. We have – for more than 10 years – been charged with the main responsibility for developing global transport corridors, on behalf of The International Railway Union (UIC) in Paris, and – at the same time – developing concepts focusing on Russia and the Nordic countries. Our basis is professional approaches, practical solutions and an extensive national and international network.

 Transportutvikling AS aims at adapting projects to the actual requirements and existing framework and limitations, and to commercial and social goals.