Transport and communication plans

Project: Assessment of environmental-friendly ferry service in Finnmark 

Year: 2018 
The County of Finnmark 
Description: Finnmark County  is presently running the collective commuter ferry service in the County, including a few services run by older, diesel operated vessels, which are due to be replaced  by environmental-friendly ferries within a period of time.

Transportutvikling AS was given the task of assessing the possibility of replacing diesel motored vessels, which at present are operating 3 commuter ferry location services, by environmental-friendly vessels, and to enhance personal competence for the staff involved, with regards to commuter vessels and environmental-friendly solutions.

Transportutvikling AS produced a report for each of the locations, comprising vessel service solutions, economic issues and possible challenges related to environmental-friendly service as proposed.

The reports will be utilized as a basis for decisions to be made by the County Council, and for future transport assessment issues, i.e. Regional Transportplan (RTP) and Handlingsprogram for kollektivtransport (HP).

Project: Word class logistics 

Year: 2015
Client: Agenda Nord-Norge
Description: During the Agenda Nord-Norge 2015 – event in Bodø, a report titled «World class logistics» was presented. In this report, an Expert Group has focused on transport- and logistics challenges in Northern Norway, and has fielded some proposals which are believed to be essential for creating commercial growth in Northern Norway, and which is also believed to promote and enhance a world class logistics within the three northern counties. 
The Expert Group  focused on four commercial areas when producing the 2015-report (sea food, processing industry, tourism and oil/gas), and pinpointed certain areas which are thought to be essential for further development. 

Members of the Expert Group was Ms. Renate Larsen (C.E.O. Lerøy Aurora AS), Ms. Marit Bærøe (Regional Manager Sjømat Norge AS), Ms. Anne Grete Johansen (Nordnorsk Reiseliv), Mr. Geir Solheim (Regional Manager NHO Reiseliv Nord-Norge), Mr. Bjørn Bjørgve (Industrial Co-ordinator ENI Norge), Mr Stig Kjærvik (Samferdselsforum Nord), Mr. Gisle Solvoll (Associate Professor, Handelshøgskolen, Universitetet i Nordland), Mr. Arve Ulriksen (C.E.O. Mo Industripark) and Mr. Stig Nerdal (C.E.O.) Transportutvikling AS, who also has performed as Expert Group Secretary.

Project: Knowledge and information base - interregional plan for intermodal cargo transportation

Year: 2014
Client: Vestfold and Telemark County councils
Description: The county councils of Vestfold and Telemark have been in a process of developing an interregional plan for intermodal cargo transport. Related to this planning issue, the counties decided to seek professional assistance, and  commissioned Transportutvikling AS to this effect. In close cooperation with our Swedish partner LTU AB, it has been our aim to put particular focus on three central issues, i.e. market, terminal structure, port capacity and -cooperation. An analysis of cargo flow which affects cargo transports in the two counties has been produced, and both existing and planned terminal structures have been scrutinized. In addition, the counties’ port capacities and level of cooperation with other selected ports have been carried out. 
This information and knowledge compilation have been structured, analyzed and presented for the counties by highly qualified professional staff with long experience from intermodal transport development. 

Project: Infrastructure in Northern Norway

Year: 2013
Client: The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry
Description: The project report is part of the basis for “compilation of knowledge – creating values in the north”, aiming at compilation of knowledge regarding direct and circumstantial effects of increased commitment towards creating values within trades like tourism and fishery in North Norway. This accumulated knowledge is to be part of the future updating of the Management Plan for The Barents Sea – Lofoten.
The compilation of knowledge covers trades like, fishery, fish farming and new marine activities, tourism, renewable energy, minerals and other trades.
The project has been carried out by the University of Bodø, Nordland Research Institute and Transportutvikling AS.

Project: Strategy Maritime Forum North

Year: 2013
Client: Maritime Furum North
Description:Transportutvikling AS has chaired the work of developing a strategic plan and an action plan 2013 – 2015 for Maritime Forum North.
MFN is a member organization for maritime players in the north. Strategy and activities should reflect the members’ interests, possibilities and challenges.
It is emphasized that this strategic document should have a plain construction and contain short and concise wording.

Project: Petroleum related transport-/development projects and –plans in the ECNN-area 

Year: 2010 
Client: The Executive Commission for Northern Norway (ECNN) 
Description: This project paper ipresents an overview of completed and planned activities/projects aiming at solving logistical issues related to petroleum production in the LU-area or in North Western Russia.