Sea transport

Project: Assessment of environmental-friendly ferry service in Finnmark

Year: 2018 
The County of Finnmark
Description: Finnmark County  is presently running the collective commuter ferry service in the County, including a few services run by older, diesel operated vessels, which are due to be replaced  by environmental-friendly ferries within a period of time.

Transportutvikling AS was given the task of assessing the possibility of replacing diesel motored vessels, which at present are operating 3 commuter ferry location services, by environmental-friendly vessels, and to enhance personal competence for the staff involved, with regards to commuter vessels and environmental-friendly solutions.

Transportutvikling AS produced a report for each of the locations, comprising vessel service solutions, economic issues and possible challenges related to environmental-friendly service as proposed.

The reports will be utilized as a basis for decisions to be made by the County Council, and for future transport assessment issues, i.e. Regional Transportplan (RTP) and Handlingsprogram for kollektivtransport (HP).

Project: Electrically powered ferry 

Year: 2015 
Client: The County of Aust Agder 
Description: This project aims at establishing environmental ferry operations in the waters of Arendal and the surrounding islands by introducing vessels powered by electricity.

In order to facilitate an optimal basis for the Aust Agder County’s decisions in this matter, a thorough research is to be carried out by looking into environmental consequences, schedules, traffic conditions, port conditions, budgets etc. This project also encompasses describing and presenting proposed vessel specifications, as well as obtaining tenders from vessel designers.

Project: Electrically driven commuter ferries in the port of Arendal

Year: 2014
Client: Aust-Agder County 
In the wake of our project “Assessment of the commuter ferry service between Arendal city and the surrounding islands”, questions related to the possibility of ordering and running electrically driven commuter ferries in Arendal port basin has emerged.
Transportutvikling AS has therefore been commissioned by Aust-Agder County in order to evaluate this issue, aiming at assessing basis facts and viability as to a further project phase. The assessment has also been to clarify conditions and possibilities for the project to achieve public funding, both during the assessment period and the realization phase.
During the initial phase, the main goal was to establish premises for further development by f.i.  gathering relevant information, evaluate this information, propose choice of type vessel (main technical issues) and recommend further action to be taken. The aim for the study was to establish a basis for the Countyl Council when evaluating and deciding on this matter.

Project: Container vessel route to/from The Port of Narvik

Year: 2014
The Port of Narvik.
It is the strategy and ambition of The Port of Narvik to develop a regional marine container route to/from the Port, connected to the railway terminal. The Port  therefore commissioned Transportutvikling AS for participating in a preliminary project, which aims at creating a basis for further development by collecting relevant information, assess this information, identify networks and recommend further activities.The project focused on both public and commercial players.The intermodal basis for this project is the interaction between rail and sea, and the main issues found in the present national coastal shipping strategies.

Project: Arctic Rail and Sea Express

Year: 2012
Client: The project is commissioned by Maritimt Forum Nord and financed by The County of Troms and the ports of Tromsø and Narvik.
Description: During several years, it has been a major international and national political issue to direct cargo flows from land and road to sea and vessels, based on environmental concern.
This project has taken a thorough and practical assessment as to whether or not there is a basis for establishing a sailing schedule on a central route between Narvik and Tromsø.
There are also performed an assessment of different market segments and suitable types of vessels in the project.
The professional activities of this project is performed by Transportutvikling AS and Polarconsult AS, with relevant assistance from the ports of Tromsø and Narvik.

Project: Sea transport from North Norway to Gothenburg

Year: 2011
Client: Tekniska Verken AB i Kiruna (TVAB)
Description: This study presents an assessment of possibilities for sea transport of waste from North Norway to Gothenburg; presenting alternative sea transport solutions, types of vessels, equipment and logistics/sailing routes. Sailing time schedules and costs from different ports in North Norway was indicated.

Project: How can the County of Nordland participate in improving the framework for the fishery companies' transport requirements

Year: 2011
Client: The County of Nordland
Description: The main goal for this project was to establish new guidelines for goods transported on marine coastalcargo routes which are economically supported by the County of Nordland, and to discuss a future cargo tariff for fast commuter vessels. In addition, this project also identifies cargo volumes, cargo types and cargo structures on the Svolvær - Sandnessjøen coastal leg. Fish transports plays a central role in this project.

Project: Cargo transport requirement volumes and a new coastwise marine cargo route Bodø - Helgeland

Year: 2011
Client: The County of Nordland
Description: The project goal was to map the coastwise cargo flow in the Bodø – Helgeland area, and evaluates a possible future marine coastwise cargo route in the area.
The project report also evaluates ports of call along the route and suitable  terminal ports.
The route schedule is suitable for the commercial industry in the area, especially for  communities with no other – or limited - means of transport.  Transport of fish is an important issue when evaluating vessel’s schedule and ports of call.
The project is commissioned and financed by the County of Nordland.

Project: North Atlantic container service

Year: 2010
Client: NORA, The Port of Mosjøen, Mosjøen Industrial Terminal, The Icelandic Maritime Administration and The Region of Västerbotten
Description: The ambition for this project was to prepare conditions for a new container based sea service in the North Atlantic.
The new concept was to some extent based on existing services, which had to be slightly modified and connected to each other. The main service intends to operate between hub-structures in Norway, Iceland and North America.
Other services and routes (Sweden, Faeroe Islands, Greenland) was connected to the main service, with a future ambition to improve and promote a North Atlantic transportation network.

Project: Commuter vessel plan Salten – phase II

Year: 2010
Client: Salten Regional Council
Description: The main goal for this project was to discuss and present concrete proposals for a commuter vessel service schedule which enhances the development of the BAS-regions I Salten. Particular emphasis was put on marine commuter services related to the island communities within Meløy, Gildeskål, Bodø and Steigen municipalities.
The project also evaluated terminals, type of vessels and rates in these areas.

Project: An evaluation of economical aspects related to ferry connections

Year: 2009
Client: Nordland County Council
Description: Transportutvikling Bodø AS has produced a paper with an evaluation of economical aspects related to the 15 ferry connections which will be taken over by Nordland County from national authorities as per January 1st 2010.

Project: Marine based container transport in North-Norway

Year: 2009
Client: Maritimt Forum Nord
Description: This project is a pre-study, aiming at clarifying essential practical conditions for further development of marine based container transport in Northern Norway. The sea leg Narvik-Tromsø is to be evaluated in an integrated sailing schedule, involving MV TEGE’s present sailings Bodø-Alta-Bodø and intermediate ports. The project will put emphasis on clarifying market conditions, challenges and possibilities, and suggest a logistic operational concept and recommendations regarding choice of vessel(s).
The main goal is to clarify if such a marine concept is economically and environmentally sound.

Project: Transport costs for fish-processing industries the Tysfjord – Vega range

Year: 2009
Client: Salten Regional Council, Helgeland Regional Council, Brødrene JTB Olsen AS, Modolv, Sjøseth Fisk AS, The Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Association, Nordland Fishermen’s Association and The County of Nordland
Description: Transportutvikling Bodø AS has presented a project report on marine freight costs related to the fish-processing industries in the Tysfjord – Vega range. The background for this project was alterations of the weight basis related to these costs, resulting in a considerable increase of the freight costs for the industries. The report also focuses on how the number of fishermen and fishing vessels have developed in this range. In addition, subsidies related to these industries are discussed in the paper.

Project: Ferry transports in Nordland

Year: 2008
Client: Nordland County Council
Description: Transportutvikling Bodø AS has produced a project report with the intention of supplying the Nordland County with a sufficient info basis related to the transfer of responsibility for ferry transports in the County from The Ministry of Transport and Communications to Nordland County. The paper contains concrete and operational information for all ferry crossing sites in the County. Running costs and financial expenses have been estimated for each crossing site.

Project: Marine transport plan – Salten region

Year: 2007
Client: Salten Regional Council
Description: Transportutvikling Bodø AS was commissioned by the Council to evaluate marine transport in the Salten region of Nordland County, and to present proposals for a marine transport plan with the purpose of strengthening marine/commuter transport service within the region. The project report provides proposals for short-term and strategic solutions.

Project: Tenders for operation of ferry routes in Troms – assistance to Troms County

Year: 2007
Client: Troms County
Description: Based on a decision by Troms County Council to call for tenders for operation of the county’s ferry routes, Transportutvikling AS has carried out a simplified evaluation of the route connections in question. The evaluation has mainly focused on route structure, vessels, technology and demands for environmental-friendly ferries, vessel’s size related to traffic figures, ferry quays, specific cost elements and investments. The evaluation also comments and discusses fares/income and structural issues which may influence future operations.

Project: Tenders for operation of the ferry route Drag – Kjøpsvik, assistance to Hurtigruten ASA

Year: 2007
Client: Hurtigruten ASA  Ferry and Fast commuter vessel
Description: Transportutvikling AS has – in connection with requests for tenders related to the operation of the ferry route Drag – Kjøpsvik -  performed a general evaluation of factors which may have influence on traffic and income for this operation during the next ten years.