Sea ports and terminals

Project: Balsfjord municipality - port cooperation

Year: 2019
Balsfjord Municipal Council
During 2019, Balsfjord Municipal Council initiated a project aiming at strengthening marine transport’s compatibility. Målselv municipality and the following local business partners also participated in the project:

  • EWOS Balsfjord
  • Bergneset Pukk & Grus
  • BEWI Polar
  • Felleskjøpet Balsfjord
  • Fiskå Mølle, dep. Balsfjord
  • Mack Brewery
  • Norsk Gjenvinning Metall AS dep. Balsfjord (Senja Avfall)
  • Element Nor
  • Shell Bergneset Oil Terminal

The region is favourably situated with regards to different means of communication and transport. The municipality’s main port is located to Bergneset, and large volumes of raw materials and prefabricated goods are transported in/out by road or sea.

The municipality is now committed to putting increased focus on marine transport, port development and cooperation between the main port and the local business community.
Different measures for the municipality to take, in order to strengthen marine transport, as well as contributing to growth and development in the region, were also identified.

Transportutvikling AS managed the project.

Project: Terminal Information Booklet (ISGOTT)

Year: 2010-2018
Client: Statoil Norge AS/Statoil Fuel & Retail AS/Circle K
Transportutvikling AS has been commissioned by Statoil Norge AS to develop and produce terminal information booklets in English language for 13 Statoil Norge AS’ terminals along the Norwegian coast.
These booklets contains information for vessels calling at the terminal, regarding port information, security regulations, bunkering, etc., and will assist tanker Masters when approaching the terminal, loading or discharging liquid bulk cargoes, and when departing the terminal.
The booklets presents general information and security regulation for any vessel calling at these terminals.

Project: Truck-stop in Narvik

Year: 2016
Futurum AS
The city of Narvik is a traffic and transport Hub;  with a busy railway terminal activity, and the national main road, E6, transiting the town. Furthermore, E 10 from Lofoten to Sweden, is connected to E 6 just north of Narvik. Increased traffic is expected  in future years.Narvik has at present no functioning truck stop/resting place for truck drivers. Heavy vehicles have to park wherever possible, and no organized service solutions for vehicle or drivers are to be found in the city.Establishing a truck stop in Narvik has been on the agenda for years. As a result, an initiative waslaunched by Futurum AS, in order to assess the possibility of establishing a truck stop near the railway terminal at Fagernes, close to the Scania site by the Beisfjord bridge.

Project: Port co-operation in the Salten region

Year: 2016
Client: The Port of Bodø 
Description: The Port of Bodø in agreement with the municipalities of Fauske, Gildeskål and Meløy, initiated an assessment of possible fields of port co-operation between municipalities of Salten and Værøy and Røst in Western Lofoten. 
The main goal of this project was to seek an optimal basis for each of the participating municipalities when evaluating available forms and fields of co-operation.  The project findings were presented in a status report, describing the present situation, visualizing alternative ways of co-operating and propose further actions to be initiated, etc. 

Transportutvikling AS has participated in this project by managing the process and giving professional assistance and advice.

Project: Market assessment  - project deep water/heavy lift berth Mo i Rana

Year: 2015 
Client: Mo i Rana Port KF and Mo Utviklingsselskap 
Discription: As of today, considerable cargo volumes are transported to, from and through Mo i Rana by rail, road and sea. The port handles large cargo volumes of various types, and the volumes are increasing. The main cluster of Northern Norway’s industrial companies is located near the port areas. Also, the proximity to Sweden and related local and regional infrastructure are positive assets for the port. However, growth and development create new challenges, of which the lack of deep water berth facilities in the port is an important issue.

As a result, it is now being looked into the possibility of constructing a new deep water berth, also suited for heavy lift cargoes, to the south of Rana Industriterminal, where a large storage area is also available. This project is a joint venture between Mo Industripark AS and Mo i Rana Port KF.

 In connection to carrying out this project, and related to the development of the port activities in general, Transportutvikling AS has been commissioned by Mo i Rana Port KF and Mo Utviklingsselskap, in order to carry out a comprehensive market assessment.

Project: Project management Kjøpsvikvågen – wave damping

Year: 2015
Project owner: Tysfjord municipality
Description: Tysfjord municipality has for some time looked into possible ways of developing Kjøpsvikvågen port area.
The port has been lacking protection from rough wind and seas, and the  conditions for commercial sea transport, fisheries and leisure crafts have been consequently not satisfactory.

Transportutvikling AS has therefore managed a project aiming at securing the port for the purpose of wave damping at the inlet to the bay. The wave dampers are now in place.

Project: Strategic development plan for The Port of Mosjøen

Year: 2014
Project owner: 
The Port of Mosjøen
Description:  Transportutvikling AS has been commissioned by The Port of Mosjøen, in order to produce a strategic development plan for the Port. The focus has been, in close cooperation with the Port, to developing a strategic plan, which included planning and arranging a strategy seminar. Furthermore, a development plan was produced, in which the strategic issues have been focused on. Transportutvikling AS also developed a Power Point presentation which visualized the Port’s  development strategies.

Project: Container vessel route to/from The Port of Narvik

Year: 2014
Project owner: 
The Port of Narvik
Description: It is the strategy and ambition of The Port of Narvik to develop a regional marine container route to/from the Port, connected to the railway terminal. The Port  therefore commissioned Transportutvikling AS for participating in a preliminary project, which aims at creating a basis for further development by collecting relevant information, assess this information, identify networks and recommend further activities.The project focused on both public and commercial players.The intermodal basis for this project is the interaction between rail and sea, and the main issues found in the present national coastal shipping strategies.

Project: The port of Mosjøen/Holandsvika

Year: 2013
Project owner: 
The port of Mosjøen
The port of Mosjøen/Mosjøen Business Developing Company (MON) has for some time been looking into how to develop Holandsvika as part of the port of Mosjøen.
In order to further this development, Transportutvikling AS was charged with arranging a mini seminar, in which a future developing process was the  main issue, and where possible ways of putting the area to commercial use has been scrutinized.
A brief paper, outlining possible ways of conducting this process was issued and distributed prior to the seminar. This paper was revised after feedbacks subsequent to the meeting.

Project: Development of Kjøpsvikvågen

Year: 2012
Project owner: Tysfjord municipality
Description: The municipality of Tysfjord commissioned Transportutvikling AS in order to 
assessing possibilities for developing Kjøpsvikvågen port area. Kjøpsvikvågen
is one of the terminal sites for the ferry connection Drag – Kjøpsvik, which is
one of four main ferry connections in Nordland county. Facilities for commuter vessels, leisure crafts, business companies and industry are also found in and around Kjøpsvikvågen.
The project has also stated the main conditions for shielding the bay from rough seas and for developing the the area, as well as presenting recommendations for measurements to be taken, financing and progress.

Project: A North Atlantic Port Forum – NorthPorts

Year: 2011
Client: Landsdelsutvalget (LU)
Description: This pre-study explored the possibility of establishing a port forum for ports in the North Atlantic NORA area (Norway, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland). Transportutvikling AS has – on behalf of LU – established contacts with ports in this area in order to map their view of this issue.

Project: «An assessment of infra- and superstructure in the port of Bodø»

Year: 2011
Client: Bodø Havn KF
Description: Transportutvikling AS has made an assessment of establishing a multi-purpose marina, including utilisation of land and sea areas, in the inner port of Bodø. This study also includes pros and cons related to shifting a floating breakwater in the existing marina in the port of Bodø.

Project: North Atlantic container service

Year: 2010
Client: NORA, The Port of Mosjøen, Mosjøen Industrial Terminal, The Icelandic Maritime Administration and The Region of Västerbotten
Description: The ambition for this project was to prepare conditions for a new container based sea service in the North Atlantic.
The new concept was to some extent based on existing services, which had to be slightly modified and connected to each other. The main service intends to operate between hub-structures in Norway, Iceland and North America.
Other services and routes (Sweden, Faeroe Islands, Greenland) was connected to the main service, with a future ambition to improve and promote a North Atlantic transportation network.

Project: Commuter vessel plan Salten – phase II

Year: 2010
Client: Salten Regional Council
Description: The main goal for this project was to discuss and present concrete proposals for a commuter vessel service schedule which enhances the development of the BAS-regions I Salten. Particular emphasis was put on marine commuter services related to the island communities within Meløy, Gildeskål, Bodø and Steigen municipalities.
The project also evaluated terminals, type of vessels and rates in these areas.

Project: Transshipments in the North – focusing on dry bulk cargoes

Year: 2009
Client: Maritimt Forum Nord
Description: The project is a feasibility study, focusing on marine transhipments in the North, and is to produce relevant information on possible solutions for transshipment  of dry bulk cargoes, herein physical-, operational, logistical and economical challenges. The project is also to present a description of the actual situation of to day.

Project: Developing the port of Mosjøen – phase 2

Year: 2007 – 2008
Client: Port of Mosjøen / Vefsn Municipality
Description: This project is a phase 2 in the development of the port of Mosjøen. Transportutvikling AS has evaluated the present situation and presented proposals for development and extension of the existing local marina, establishing of a marina for visiting leisure boats, development phases for the central port area, establishing a mutual cargo handling Terminal Company in the port and proposed sites and areas pertaining to future transport- and logistical solutions in Vefsn Municipality.

Project: The Eurasian Land Bridge

Year: 2005 – 2006
Client: The International Union of Railways (UIC)
Description: The project focuses on advising how to improve transport of large volumes of cargo by rail between China and Europe. 2 – 4 large inland terminals in Europe are evaluated as to capacity when it comes to traffic and cargo volumes. An identical evaluation is carried out for a few chosen inland terminals in China. The project also includes proposals as to if - and - when deemed necessary - new terminals should ble established.

Project: The logistics of the Maghreb region

Year: 2004
Client: UIC (International Union of Railway)
Description: Transportutvikling has been chosen to conduct a pilot study for the establishment of a transport corridor between the Maghreb region and Europe. The project also includes a study targeting the internal transport structures in the region. The focus of the study is the railway, sea transport and ports of the region.

Project: East-West transports - Northern Alternative (N.E.W.)

Year: 2001 – 2004
Client: UIC – The International Union of Railways, Swedish National Railway Administration, Finnish Rail Administration, Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication, Massport (USA), Port of Narvik and Futurum.
Description: The conceptual idea for the N.E.W. freight corridor was launched by the business development company Futurum AS. The International Union of Railways in Paris (UIC) initiated the idea into the project ‘Northern East-West Freight Corridor’ (N.E.W.) which that shall contribute in developing intermodal transport solutions between USA/Canada and Central Asia through the Barents region. Transportutvikling AS conducts the market analysis, competitive evaluations and describe the overall transport concept. 
The project has gained wide international acclaim and UIC has described the N.E.W. corridor as their single most important project and a reference for other international corridors.
The projects objective is to establish a trial transport and to prepare for further commercialization of the corridor.