Project: Developing future’s fast zero-emission commuter vessel  

Year: 2018-2019 
Client: Trøndelag County Council 
Description: Trøndelag County Council has signed a contract with five consortiums, in order to instigate a development project for proving that zero emission is achievable for commuter vessels at a running speed of above 30 knots. Transportutvikling AS, represented by Mr. Stig Nerdal, chaired one of the consortiums.

The main project goal was to be able to demonstrate a successful concept for a zero-emission fast commuter vessel by summer 2019. Concrete concepts for several fast commuter vessels were developed, and specific solutions for type of vessels and propulsion technologies were also to be produced. Assessments of consequences pertaining to costs and schedules were also carried out.

In order to maintain tight schedules, the consortium proposes change of batteries as part of the solution; the batteries to be changed in two ports between Trondheim and Kristiansund as the passengers embark/disembark. If so, the consortiums’ opinion is that the vessel’s schedule could be maintained as is if efficient battery change terminals are built, and so that passengers will not have to wait while the batteries are being charged. But it is likewise important that the batteries can be charged carefully while the vessel is en route, and thereby extending the batteries’ life-span and, in the long run, reducing costs.

The consortium, in which Transportutvikling AS participated, comprised members with extensive knowledge within the fields of fast craft development, technology, finance and marine operations.

Project: Infrastructure in Northern Norway 

Year: 2013 
Client: The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry 
Description: The project report is part of the basis for “compilation of knowledge – creating values in the north”, aiming at compilation of knowledge regarding direct and circumstantial effects of increased commitment towards creating values within trades like tourism and fishery in North Norway. This accumulated knowledge is to be part of the future updating of the Management Plan for The Barents Sea – Lofoten. The compilation of knowledge covers trades like, fishery, fish farming and new marine activities, tourism, renewable energy, minerals and other trades. The project has been carried out by the University of Bodø, Nordland Research Institute and Transportutvikling AS.

Project: The shipyard industry in Norway 

Year: 2013 
Client: Maritime Forum 
Description: There are more than 30 shipyards in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark counties, for which their main activities are related to the marine segment, either regarding maintenance/service of vessels, shipbuilding/ship repair, or as a combination of these activities. There are, in addition, other mechanical industrial companies and smaller businesses which, to a certain extent, are focusing on marine activities. There is at present a significant focus on activities related to the oil and gas segment in the northern areas, and how and how much yards and businesses in the northern counties will/can benefit from participating in these activities, f.i. as regards shipyard services and maintenance. The main goal of this project has been to map existing yards and mechanical industries in Northern Norway, in order to assess possible activities related to future activities f.i.  within the oil- and gas segment in the north. The shipyard issue has been emphasized in this project.