Operational services

Project: Contracting/acquisition of vessel

Year: 2019
Oppland (now Innlandet) County Council
Transportutvikling AS is assisting Oppland (now Innlandet) County Council in  acquiring a zero-emission, battery driven ferry, to be put into service on the Randsfjorden crossing. Transportutvikling AS has supplied marine technical support and project management, in order to:

  • Developing required specifications for vessel, battery bank and slip carriage
  • Carrying out tender selection (pre-qualifications and tender)
  • Finalizing a contract with the yard as to constructing and delivering a new ferry for the Randsfjorden crossing

Transportutvikling AS has been assisting Oppland (now Innlandet) County Council during the entire process, including contracting of the new vessel.
Some key point as to our participation in the project:

  • Securing best constructional quality of vessel and part of the shore infrastructure
  • Supplier conference
  • Assisting in identifying legal specialized competence for ship contracting issues
  • Identifying contract issues and -content
  • Producing basis documentation for tender (pre-qualification and tender)
  • Chairing negotiations
  • Presenting information on behalf of the Owner
  • Selecting constructing yard (in agreement with the Owner)
  • Description of further processes from contracting to delivery of ferry
  • Developing procedures for establishing battery bank and slip carriage, which is necessary infrastructure for the ferry crossing service

Transportutvikling AS has also produced a pre-project for the new ferry service, focusing on structured schedule, propulsion technology and environmental-, financial- and operational issues.

Project: Terminal Information Booklet (ISGOTT)

Year: 2010-2018
Statoil Norge AS/Statoil Fuel & Retail AS/Circle K
Transportutvikling AS has been commissioned by Statoil Norge AS to develop and produce terminal information booklets in English language for 13 Statoil Norge AS’ terminals along the Norwegian coast.
These booklets contains information for vessels calling at the terminal, regarding port information, security regulations, bunkering, etc., and will assist tanker Masters when approaching the terminal, loading or discharging liquid bulk cargoes, and when departing the terminal.
The booklets presents general information and security regulation for any vessel calling at these terminals.

Project: Port Information Booklets

Year: 2012-2013 
Client: Forsvarsbygg Utleie
Transportutvikling AS has been commissioned by Forsvarsbygg Utleie to develop and produce 7 Port Information Booklets .
These booklets contains information for vessels calling at the terminal and other relevant information.