Economy & finance

Project: The Randsfjord ferry – finance, type of vessel, environment, schedule

Year: 2018
Client: Oppland (now Innlandet) County Council
Description: Transportutvikling AS signed a contract with Oppland (now Innlandet) County Council in connection with the Council’s ambition to acquire a zero- or low-emission ferry for the Randsfjorden crossing. Route structure, propulsion technology, environmental- and financial issues related to investment and ferry operation were focused on.

Transportutvikling AS supplied project management, marine technical advisory and evaluation.
The county council decided on a future zero- or low-emission vessel. Several alternative solutions were considered, such as upgrading/repairing the present ferry, or acquiring a new vessel.
Transportutvikling AS should:

  • Establish a relevant basis for the County Council to make a decision
  • Recommend choice of type vessel
  • Assess fuel technology for securing zero- or low emission
  • Assess consequences, hereunder financial issues, environment and schedule
  • Other relevant issues
Project: Port development in Longyearbyen, Svalbard – a social economics analysis

Year: 2015
Client: The Port of Longyearbyen
Description: Bodø Commercial College and Transportutvikling AS have been commissioned by the Port of Longyearbyen, in order to carry out a social economics analysis of a development project in the Port. The project / investment comprise construction of a quay and adjacent buildings on shore.

Project: Transport subsidies in Sweden

Year: 2011
Client: Nordland County
Description: This project discussed the Swedish transport subsidizing arrangement, and how it is functioning today. The study also looked into possible consequences for a few particular ports in Nordland County which nurture ambitions for east-west transport solutions.
By means of specific case studies, assessments for transportation through Sweden and ports in Nordland are conducted, in order to compare transportation costs.

Project: Improved economy and environmental standards for waste transport on The North Calotte

Year: 2009
Client: EU, through the Interreg IV A North programme, has been co-financing this project, which was commissioned by Hålogaland Ressursselskap (HRS) in Narvik and Tekniska Verken AB (TVAB) in Kiruna
Description: The main project goal is to improve economical and environmental conditions for waste transport between Kiruna, Sweden, and Northern Norway. The project has evaluated the possibility  of developing HUB-functions in Kiruna, connected to similar functions in Narvik.
The project aims at contributing to improved economical results for the Companies involved, better utilisation of the transport vehicles and reduced external costs for the community in general.

Project: An evaluation of economical aspects related to ferry connections

Year: 2009
Client: Nordland County Council
Description: Transportutvikling Bodø AS has produced a paper with an evaluation of economical aspects related to the 15 ferry connections which will be taken over by Nordland County from national authorities as per January 1st 2010.


Project: Railway solution for industries in Nordland County

Year: 2001, 2002-2003
Client: Elkem, Fundia AS and the Regional Authority of Northern Norway (LU)
Description: A project in two parts. 
Part 1 consisted of the evaluation and give recommendations that form the basis for the development of more competitive railway solutions for the heavy industry in the counties of North-Trøndelag and Nordland. Primary focus is placed on the continental markets and the development of transport solutions that would provide balanced trade and high frequency.
Part 2 consisted of the preparation of an information document in connection with the National Transport Plan (NTP) 2006-2015, primarily targeted political actors. Transportutvikling AS furthermore prepared a comprehensive information prospectus/request for proposal document named ‘Invitation for Expression of Interest’ primarily targeted towards transport providers.

Project: East-West transports - Northern Alternative (N.E.W.)

År: 2001 – 2004
Client: UIC – The International Union of Railways, Swedish National Railway Administration, Finnish Rail Administration, Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication, Massport (USA), Port of Narvik and Futurum.
Description: The conceptual idea for the N.E.W. freight corridor was launched by the business development company Futurum AS. The International Union of Railways in Paris (UIC) initiated the idea into the project ‘Northern East-West Freight Corridor’ (N.E.W.) which that shall contribute in developing intermodal transport solutions between USA/Canada and Central Asia through the Barents region. Transportutvikling AS conducts the market analysis, competitive evaluations and describe the overall transport concept. 
The project has gained wide international acclaim and UIC has described the N.E.W. corridor as their single most important project and a reference for other international corridors.
The projects objective is to establish a trial transport and to prepare for further commercialization of the corridor.