Project information in a Russian maritime magazine

24.01.201915:57 Viktor Håkonsen

Here you will find information about one of our Russian-Norwegian development projects in the last issue (November 2017) of the Russian magazine North West Sea Business. This magazine is one of the major Russian magazines, and is widely distributed to maritime players/conferences in Russia.

The text describes a development project carried out by Transportutvikling AS, focusing on Norwegian maritime suppliers and contractors in a Russian context. An ongoing renewal of the Russian fishing fleet presents a most interesting market for the Norwegian companies, and most of the newly built Russian fishing vessels have got Norwegian design and equipment.

It should also be mentioned that quite a few Norwegian suppliers (namely Hamek, Brunvoll, Havyard, Port of Tromsø, Port of Alta, Malproff) participated in Murmansk Business Week, and had talks with customers, in Murmansk 13. – 15. November 2017.