Two fresh players in the network

Another two companies will be involved in the maritime Russian project. Those are:

24.01.201915:53 Viktor Håkonsen

Barents Maritime (Harstad)

Barents AS (marketing name of Barents Maritime), has been a transporter of fish, smolt, dead fish and other fish farming by-products for several years. The Company runs well-boats, handles fish farming by-products and carries out different maritime and onshore service operations (for instance emptying and cleaning tanks, construction of port infrastructure, technical solutions and re-building of vessels). Cooperation with Russia is an important issue for the Company.

Port of Alta KF

The port of Alta is situated on the sea shore of the town of Alta, which is the largest town in Finnmark County. The port has varied activities related to cargo- and passenger traffic, and closeness to main roads like E6, RV 93 and the local airport. The municipality of Alta is one of the major national fish farming municipalities. The port is at present making investments in a new car-to-car terminal and several wharves, in order to increasing the transfer of goods from road to sea. The port of Alta is looking into possibilities for developing its cooperation with Russia.

At present, 18 Companies are involved in the project.