Attending NEVA 2017

«NEVA» is Russia’s largest maritime event and a bi-annual arrangement. In 2015  approximately 15.000 visitors and guests attended the 4 Day Exhibition and Conference Programme. 538 exhibiting companies from 36 countries occupied a total of11.146 square metres exhibition space, indoor and outdoor.

24.01.201915:51 Viktor Håkonsen

«Since 1991, the NEVA Programmes have continuously supported the accelerating expansion of Russia’s commercial maritime industries by promoting development opportunities, products, services, designers and manufacturers, and cooperation with world-wide shipping and trade, while offering serious opportunity for International participants to take part in Russia’s redevelopment programmes.

(Quote from the organizer)

In September 2017 the project and the companies will attend the NEVA-exhibition and various events.


The picture shows an animation of a section of the project’s exhibition stand, organized by Innovation Norway.