2019-01-1415:21 Anne-Stine Gjervoldstad


Transportutvikling AS is an operational consulting- and advisory company, working within the primary fields of transport and logistics. Our advisors have extensive experience from commercial business and substantial expert background , which is a guarantee for professional advise.  
Our customers are found both within private and public sectors, nationally as well as internationally. Our market focus is primary on the Northern areas.We are engaged in all types of project work, spanning from planning to implementation and operating of systems.  We propose the best solutions for organizing of terminals, ports and transports by road, sea and rail. We develop logistic chains and intermodal solutions, including international transport corridors.

Transportutvikling AS has defined 3 strategic primary business areas:

Consultancy services are, and have been, our basic business area. Our staff has, for years,
produced consultant services, such as:

» Developing and improving transport solutions
» Scheduling of transport systems
» HUB Development 
» Developing port- and terminal plans
» Market surveys and analyses
» Economical assessments and financial solutions
» Developing transport and communication plans
» Organizing and management of professional seminars / conferences

Our consultancy services include operational activities, such as f.i. development of port terminal booklets . We also deliver services within research and development (R&D), in cooperation with universities, colleges and other R&D-institutions.

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