Developing future zero-emission fast commuter vessels

Trøndelag County Council has signed a contract with five consortia regarding a development project which aims at demonstrating that obtaining zero emission for fast commuter vessels exceeding 30 knots is possible. The different tenders have been evaluated by a reference group of 20 experts with major experience from maritime industries, research institutes, development agencies, and management of fast commuter crafts.

2019-01-1013:00 Viktor Håkonsen

Transportutvikling AS, represented by Mr. Stig Nerdal, is project manager for one of the five consortia. The remaining four consortia are managed by Brødrene Aa, NTNU Technology Transfer/ Flying Foil, Rødne Trafikk and Selfa Arctic.

The working plan is to present a draft solution for zero-emission fast commuter vessels by summer 2019. Concrete drafts for several fast crafts in Trøndelag are to be developed, including specific solutions for construction and propulsion. Likewise, economical and scheduling assessments will be made.

The consortium in which Transportutvikling AS is participating, possess major competence within the fields of fast commuter craft, technology, economics and maritime management.

The consortium counts:

  • Transportutvikling AS, C.E.O. Mr. Stig Nerdal, Master of Commerce
  • Lilloe-Design AS, C.E.O. Mr. Ola Lilloe-Olsen, Civil Engineer
  • Stadt Towing Tank AS, C.E.O. Mr. Vegard A. Larsen, Civil Engineer
  • Profjord AB, Mr. Christer Widmark, Civil Engineer
  • Fosen/Namsos Sjø AS, Mr. Joachim Ofstad Ness, Technical Manager
  • Siemens AS Division Process Industries and Drives