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Project: «Possibility study railway Helgeland»
Year: 2011
Client: The Municipality of Vefsn
Description: Several studies related to possible east-west railway connection to/from Northern Norway have been carried out. All of these possible connections imply establishing of new infrastructure. However, no such connections have been put forward as regards Nordland or Helgeland.
This project is a lesser possibility study, where the main goal was to create a few visions and clarify possibilities/challenges and critical issues related to a railway connection from Helgeland  to Northern Sweden.

Project: Ishavsbanen
Year: 2010
Client: Storfjord Municipality in Troms County
Description: The project goal ensures that the idea/concept of Ishavsbanen is firmly established on the political and commercial agenda, nationally and internationally.
The project owner’s ambition is that activities related to this railway should be continued and enhanced, and that critical issues and conditions, as well as the player’s attitudes and views, and the possibilities and challenges for the continuation of this work, should be clarified.
Should basic and central conditions related to this project be found to be promising, a project plan and an application for funding of such continued project activities will be produced.

Project: UIC Visions 2025-Railways of Latin America
Year: 2008
Client: The International Union of Railways (UIC)
Description: The objective of this study is to indicate scenarios for railway transport in Latin America towards 2025. All relevant Latin American railway countries are included. The project report is to be utilized as a descriptive strategy document for UIC.

Project: Visions 2025-the Railways of Middle-East
Year: 2007
Client: UIC
Description: The objectives for the study are to indicate scenarios for railway transport in Middle-East until year 2025 as a crucial element in UIC`s main strategy for developing the Middle-East railways. All relevant Middle-East railways/countries are included.

Project: Visions 2025-the Railways of Africa
Year: 2007
Client: UIC
Description: The objectives for the study are to indicate scenarios for railway transport in Africa until year 2025 as a crucial element in UIC`s main strategy for developing the African railways. All relevant African railways/countries are included.

Project: Saudi Land Bridge
Year: 2005
Client: Saudi Railways Organization
Description: The purpose of this study was to evaluate market opportunities for a possible railway connection across the Saudi Arabian peninsula between the Suez Canal (Yeddah) and the Persian Gulf (Dammam). The evaluation focuses on container traffic between Europe, North America and the Gulf countries.

Project: The logistics of the Maghreb region
Year: 2004
Client: UIC (International Union of Railway)
Description: Transportutvikling has been chosen to conduct a pilot study for the establishment of a transport corridor between the Maghreb region and Europe. The project also includes a study targeting the internal transport structures in the region. The focus of the study is the railway, sea transport and ports of the region.

Project: Transport of fresh fish on the Nordland line railway from the Salten region
Year: 2003
Client: Salten Regional Council
Description: Conducted an evaluation of obstacles and possibilities for the further development of transport of fresh fish from the Salten region on the Nordland line railway. Concrete financial calculations- and logistical assessment were made.

Project: The Nordland line railway – delays
Year: 2002
Client: Norwegian National Railway Administration - Region North
Description: Study included: Evaluation of the consequences of the poor punctuality of the Nordland line railway has for the business community and transport volumes; An economics analysis of the effect of introducing Centralized Traffic Control (CTC); Assessment of the market opportunities.

Project: Railway solution for industries in Nordland County
Year: 2001, 2002 – 2003
Client: Elkem, Fundia AS and the Regional Authority of Northern Norway (LU)
Description: A project in two parts.
Part 1 consisted of the evaluation and give recommendations that form the basis for the development of more competitive railway solutions for the heavy industry in the counties of North-Trøndelag and Nordland. Primary focus is placed on the continental markets and the development of transport solutions that would provide balanced trade and high frequency.
Part 2 consisted of the preparation of an information document in connection with the National Transport Plan (NTP) 2006-2015, primarily targeted political actors. Transportutvikling AS furthermore prepared a comprehensive information prospectus/request for proposal document named ‘Invitation for Expression of Interest’ primarily targeted towards transport providers.

Project: East-West transports - Northern Alternative (N.E.W.)
Year: 2001 – 2004
Client: UIC – The International Union of Railways, Swedish National Railway Administration, Finnish Rail Administration, Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication, Massport (USA), Port of Narvik and Futurum.
Description: The conceptual idea for the N.E.W. freight corridor was launched by the business development company Futurum AS. The International Union of Railways in Paris (UIC) initiated the idea into the project ‘Northern East-West Freight Corridor’ (N.E.W.) which that shall contribute in developing intermodal transport solutions between USA/Canada and Central Asia through the Barents region. Transportutvikling AS conducts the market analysis, competitive evaluations and describe the overall transport concept.
The project has gained wide international acclaim and UIC has described the N.E.W. corridor as their single most important project and a reference for other international corridors.
The projects objective is to establish a trial transport and to prepare for further commercialization of the corridor.

Project: Alternative transports for the fish-farming industry in Nordland
Year: 2001.
Client: Nordland Fish Farming Association, Bodø Municipality, Mosjøen & Surrounding Areas Business Development Company and Nordland County Council.
Description: A pilot project considering the possibilities for increased railway transport from Mosjøen and Bodø to the continent. The key element in this project is to assess the possibility of using the railway in view of the overall development of the market. Specific calculations related to various alternatives have been made.