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Project: ARENA Arktisk Maritim Klynge
Year: 2016
Description: Transportutvikling AS has been Project manager for ARENA Arctic Maritime Cluster from 01.09.2014 until 31.08.2016. Project owner was Maritimt Forum Nord, and the project was a joint effort by Innovasjon Norge, Forskningsrådet and SIVA.

The cluster counted more than 40 companies, of which 9 were shipping related, 5 were shipyards, 13 were suppliers of goods and services, 7 were institutions involved in education and research, and some supply miscellaneous products and services.
The main issue and focus of this cluster co-operation was to achieve a position as a leading environment for maritime industrial knowledge in Norway, related to arctic challenges.

This was achieved by

  • Network co-operation within the cluster
  • National and international networking
  • Market development and internationalization.
  • Developing and sharing knowledge, competence and recruitment.
  • Innovation and development of products and services

Project: East-West Arena 2016
Year: 2016
Project owner: Futurum AS
Description: 2016 was the third year East West Arena took place in Narvik.  Transportutvikling AS,  in cooperation with Futurum, was responsible for professional and technical issues of the event.
East West Arena is planned and organized as a meeting place for companies and organizations in Norway, Sweden and Finland.  The majority of the participants are located along the axis Finland, Luleå, Kiruna, Gällivare, Narvik, Harstad and Lofoten/Vesterålen.East West Arena is a combination between a conference and an arena for business meetings and exhibition.

Project: East-West Arena 2014
Year: 2014
Project owner: Futurum AS
Description: The initial “East West Arena” - arrangement was staged in October 2012 in Narvik, with Transportutvikling AS being responsible for professional and technical issues of the event. In 2013, the “East-West Arena” was arranged in Sweden, i.e. in Kiruna and Gällivare.
This year, 2014, Transportutvikling AS was once more in charge of professional and technical issues related to the arrangement, which took place on the 28th  and 29th of October. Start-up was lunch on the 28th and termination was lunch on the 29th. This event was planned and carried out as a meeting place for companies and organizations in Norway and Sweden, focusing particularly on those situated along the axis Luleå – Lofoten, and was a combined conference- and business meeting venue.

Project: The port of Mosjøen/Holandsvika
Year: 2013
Project owner: The port of Mosjøen
Description: The port of Mosjøen/Mosjøen Business Developing Company (MON) has for s some time been looking into how to develop Holandsvika as part of the port of Mosjøen.
In order to further this development, Transportutvikling AS was charged with arranging a mini seminar, in which a future developing process was the main issue, and where possible ways of putting the area to commercial use was to be scrutinized.
A brief paper, outlining possible ways of conducting this process was issued and distributed prior to the seminar. This paper was revised after feedbacks subsequent to the meeting.

East-West Arena
Year: 2012
Project owner: Futurum AS
Description: The first East-West Arena meeting was arranged in October 2012.
This arrangement was planned and organized as a venue for business companies and organizations situated along the Luleå – Lofoten axis. The meeting was organized as a combined exhibition-, conference- and business venue. Transportutvikling AS shouldered the professional and technical responsibility for East-West Arena.

Project: A North Atlantic Port Forum – NorthPorts
Year: 2011
Client: Landsdelsutvalget (LU)
Description: This pre-study explored the possibility of establishing a port forum for ports in the North Atlantic NORA area (Norway, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland). Transportutvikling AS has – on behalf of LU – established contacts with ports in this area in order to map their view of this issue.

Project: Barents Port Forum
Year: 2007
Client: Sustainable Transport in the Barents region-phase 2, STBR II
Description: The main goal of this project was to establish a professional forum for cooperation and exchanging of  mutual experience for the ports in the Barents Region.

Prosjekt: «More effectiv Transports»
Year: 1998 – 2004
Client: Transportutvikling AS
Description: Annual international transport conference focusing on transport- and logistical solutions involving the Barents region. The conference ‘More Effective Transports’ the only permanent, international transport conference in the Barents area, and has become an important meeting place for actors- and decision makers within the sectors of transportation and logistics.
Combined transports, infrastructure and markets are topics that have been emphasized. The conference has achieved a good reputation and has a wide international attendance, with around 100 participants from 8 – 12 countries. Transportutvikling AS aims to make the conference a permanent, yearly affair.