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Port security - RSO funktion

The ISPS code (international Ship and Port Facility Security Code) has been implemented by IMO (International Maritime Organization), in order to obtain improved security for ships in international trade, and for port facilities where these vessel call. Kystverket is charged with the national responsibility for implementation of the ISPS code and the port security regulations in all relevant ports. 

More than 600 ISPS-areas in Norway have to adhere to the requirements in force, and they have to substantiate that the requirements are met, on a regular basis. Kystverket make use of approved controlling companies to this effect. These companies (RSO – Recognized Security Organization) carry out these tasks on behalf of Kystverket. 

There are only a few RSO’s in Norway, and in Northern Norway there is a limited supply of such services. Transportutvikling AS possesses extensive information about ports in Northern Norway, and we are in the process of establishing our own RSO-function, focusing mainly on ISPS-areas in this part of Norway.