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Market research and analysis

Project: Industrial and trade transports in Troms County
Project owner:
Troms County
Description: Transportutvikling AS has been commissioned by Troms County Council in order to produce a project report containing updated knowledge of industrial and trade transports in the County, based on 2016-data. This updating relates to a similar report by Transportutvikling AS from August 2015, which contained collected data from 2014. The updating reveals major changes from 2014 to 2016.
This report contributes to clarifying the effect of these changes on roads, commuter traffic and other transport infrastructure. In addition, the report presents the County Council with useful basic data to be utilized for giving priorities to activities, allocation of resources and reducing transport cost, which will benefit local industries and businesses, as well as the population in general.

This analysis is part of the basis for the County’s Regional Transport Plan for 2018-29, and the Action Plan for county roads in Troms 2018-21. Furthermore, the report is an useful tool when communicating with the NTP-secretariat, Avinor, the Government and the Parliament.

Transportutvikling AS has evaluated transport volumes related to fisheries and fish farming, consumer goods, agriculture, minerals/heavy industry, and we have also made assessments of volumes of refuse, mail and distribution of petroleum products.

Several interesting finds have been made during the project process.

Transportutvikling AS has produced several maps showing road transport volumes for selected industries and players, visualizing transport volumes on different roads and where the total transport loads are heaviest.

Project: Status 2016 Commercial cargo transports in Finnmark
Year: 2017
Project owner:
Finnmark County
Description: As of January 2015, Transportutvikling AS produced a project report named “Status 2014 Commercial cargo transports in Finnmark”, for Finnmark County. In order to refreshing the content of that report, the County has given Transportutvikling AS the task of updating the 2014 report with fresh information based on the 2016 figures. The main project goal is to present status for 2016 and the development from 2014 to 2016.
As the commercial players, and consequently also the transport structure and volumes, are changing and developing, the Municipality has thus taken an important step in order to achieve an updated view of issues related to transport, which will be of importance for development within the County. This knowledge is to be part of a basis for managing and instigating more precise transport development activities related to the running of commuter traffic and maintaining county roads, as well as for priorities related to the National Transport Plan.

This project included a total overview, based on figures for 2016 on transport volumes and routes to and from the markets for:

  • The sea food industry, including wild and slaughtered, farmed fish
  • Petroleum
  • Minerals
  • Farming and reindeer industry
  • Foodstuff, mail and general cargo
  • Refuse transports

 Visual information, i.e. maps, illustrations and tabular figures, were emphasized in this report.

Project: Barents Cruise Mapping
Year: 2016
Project owner: The project was co-financed by the Kolarctic program.
Description: Transportutvikling AS has launched the pre-project aimed at development of cruise sector in the North. The pre-project has provided relevant information, including study of market potential, main actors and their demands, infrastructure and regional opportunities and challenges in Northern Norway and Northwest Russia.

The pre-project participants have been regional authorities in Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Troms and Finnmark, the ports of Tromsø and Vardø and Cruise Northern Norway & Svalbard (CNNS).

Project: Market development project Russia Phase I and II.
Year: 2015 – 2016
Project owner: The project was supported by Innovation Norway.
Description: The main project goal has been to assist selected Norwegian companies in identifying commercial possibilities on the Russian market.

Based on identified priorities, Innovation Norway by Mr. Nikolay Shavrov, initially carried out a central mapping of the market potential in Russia, followed by a dialogue between Innovation Norway and Transportutvikling AS/the Companies, in order to clarify detailed project priorities.
Concrete marketing thrusts have been carried out, i.e. sales trips with B2B-meetings, participation on different exhibition venues, arranging seminars and other sales promoting issues.

During Phase I, focus was put on Murmansk Oblast, while the Partners in Phase II intended to apply experiences learned from the previous Phase by expanding the market beyond Murmansk Oblast towards other regions in Russia/North-West Russia, primarily Archangel Oblast.
Transportutvikling AS has managed the project.


Project: Land slide safe guarding at Singla – County road 347
Skjervøy Municipality
Transportutvikling AS has contributed to producing documentation focusing on the safe guarding of County road 347 at Singla, located at Arnøya in Skjervøy municipality.

The documentation provided is based on both primary and secondary information collected from several commercial players at Arnøya during the project period. The findings are found in a short paper and a PowerPoint presentation.

Project: Ship yards in Northern Norway
Year: 2015
Client: Maritimt Forum Nord
Description: In Northern Norway, more than 30 ship yards exist, where the main activities are related to the maritime segment, either by vessel maintenance/service, building/rebuilding or as a combination of these activities. In addition, several mechanic industrial companies with various degree of focus towards the marine sector are found in the three northernmost counties.

In 2013, Transportutvikling AS mapped yards and mechanic industry companies in Northern Norway, based on 2011-figures. In 2015 we were given the task of producing an updated report based on figures for 2014.

Project: From coast to market – sea food transports in Northern Norway in 2014
Client: Finnmark, Troms og Nordland Counties
Description:  Between October 2014 and August 2015, Transportutvikling AS produced separate cargo flow reports for Finnmark, Troms and Nordland counties. The main focus was on mapping  the total cargo flow and a visualization of this flow for different trades.

Based partly on these reports and updated information, the three counties gave Transportutvikling AS the task of producing a unified report and a visualization of the cargo flow related to the sea food industry in Northern Norway.
Issues discussed in this paper are f.i. road traffic loads, bottlenecks, cargo volume distribution between transport systems, international transport corridors, relevant players, development, and historic statistics related to fisheries and fish farming.

Project: Passenger/-commuter vessel route between Narvik, Svolvaer and Tysfjord
Year: 2015
Client: Futurum AS and the Municipality of Tysfjord
Description:  The main goal for this project was to develop a marine passenger/-commuter transport solution between Ofoten/Vestfjorden (Narvik – Svolvaer) with connections towards Tysfjord and the unique sceneries in that area. This route  also represent an important connection to a unified tourism product which will encompass both beautiful sceneries in the fiords by vessel, and by rail in the mountain landscapes. Transportutvikling AS has been approached by shipping companies and tourism industry players, in order to assess the possibility of establishing a passenger/-commuter route in these waters during the summer season.

This preliminary project aims chiefly at assessing this marine east-west transport solution between Narvik and Lofoten/Vesterålen, connected to Tysfjord. An important basis for the project has been to look at the relations between rail-, bus- and sea transport, and the strategic issues found in regional and local plans for developing the tourist industry and relevant commercial businesses. An additional project goal is to establish premises for further development by collecting and assessing relevant information, identifying networks and propose adequate measures to be taken.

Target groups for the project are both public and commercial players.

Project: Market assessment  - project deep water/heavy lift berth Mo i Rana
Client: Mo i Rana Port KF and Mo Utviklingsselskap
Discription: As of today, considerable cargo volumes are transported to, from and through Mo i Rana by rail, road and sea. The port handles large cargo volumes of various types, and the volumes are increasing. The main cluster of Northern Norway’s industrial companies is located near the port areas. Also, the proximity to Sweden and related local and regional infrastructure are positive assets for the port. However, growth and development create new challenges, of which the lack of deep water berth facilities in the port is an important issue.

As a result, it is now being looked into the possibility of constructing a new deep water berth, also suited for heavy lift cargoes, to the south of Rana Industriterminal, where a large storage area is also available. This project is a joint venture between Mo Industripark AS and Mo i Rana Port KF.

 In connection to carrying out this project, and related to the development of the port activities in general, Transportutvikling AS has been commissioned by Mo i Rana Port KF and Mo Utviklingsselskap, in order to carry out a comprehensive market assessment.

Project: Commercial transports within Troms County 2015
Year: 2015
Client: Troms County
Discription: Troms County has commissioned Transportutvikling AS for to carry out an assessment – and to present updated knowledge - of transport volumes and important transport routing for products originating from mayor commercial players in the County.

The project report has pinpointed demands and challenges related to heavy transports on the County’s municipal roads, and it also has presented basic knowledge for future assessments of transport issues within the County’s sphere of responsibilities and influence, including updating of the Regional Transport Plan 2014-23, and also to present a basis for proposals towards discussing the National Transport Plan 2018-27.

Project: Commercial cargo transports in Nordland County
Year: 2015
Client: Nordland County and Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Discription:  Transportutvikling AS has been commissioned by Nordland County and Norwegian Public Roads Administration, in order to carry out a commercial cargo transport analysis related to commercial players in the County.  The marked situation for several commercial sectors are changing, due to f. i. available resources and technology. This being the case, the County , in co-operation with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, has taken an important step in order to obtain updated knowledge of issues related to transport, which are of importance for commercial development within the County.

This knowledge presents a basis for making proper decisions as regards maintenance and investments related to the County’s road network, as well as running ferries and fast commuter crafts. The analysis will also constitute an important background for the County’s proposals as regards the National Transport Plan 2018 – 2027, as well as for commercial development, area planning etc.

Project: Present status for commersial transport of goods in Finnmark
Year: 2015
Client: The County of Finnmark
Description: The County of Finnmark has commissioned Transportutvikling AS in order to producing an updated status for transport of various commercial goods in the municipality.

As several fields of commercial activities, and consequently also transport solutions, are changing and developing, the County has taken decisive steps in order to obtain an updated basis for the assessment of transport related issues of major importance for further development of the County. This knowledge is to be part of a basis for managing and putting into effect transport related activities with more accuracy, related to the Municipality’s managing of commuter services and county roads, as well as to priorities related to the National Transport Plan.

 It is emphasized in the project report that collected knowledge and information are to be presented pedagogically and visually properly and acceptable for the Client. 

Project: From coast to market - sea food transports in Northern Norway in 2014
Finnmark, Troms and Nordland counties
Description: Between October 2014 and August 2015, Transportutvikling AS produced separate cargo flow reports for Finnmark, Troms and Nordland counties. The main focus was on mapping  the total cargo flow and a visualization of this flow for different trades.

Based partly on these reports and updated information, the three counties gave Transportutvikling AS the task of producing a unified report and a visualization of the cargo flow related to the sea food industry in Northern Norway.

Issues discussed in this paper was f.i. road traffic loads, bottlenecks, cargo volume distribution between transport systems, international transport corridors, relevant players, development, and historic statistics related to fisheries and fish farming.

Project: Transport of fresh fish from Norway to the European Continent
Statens vegvesen
Description: In 2009, The University of Nordland and Transportutvikling AS produced the Smarttrans-report “Transport of fresh fish from Norway to the European Continent”. 
The Norwegian Ministry of Transport has now given Jernbaneverket, Kystverket and Avinor the task of developing a broad cargo transport analysis, and The University of Nordland and Transportutvikling AS have been commissioned by Statens Vegvesen, in order to assist in this process.
Data related to transporting fresh farmed and slaughtered fish from Norway has been collected and analysed. Likewise, data related to cargo flow and cargo volumes, cargo flow of farmed fish on national transport systems, border crossings and transport onwards to end terminal, have been documented. 
The finds of this project have been compared to the figures of the 2009 report, and it was mandatory to identify alterations in transport modes and transport routing from 2009 to 2013.

Project: Cap and Contain Bodø
Bodø Municipality and The Port of Bodø
The Municipality of Bodø is seeking to establish the city as one of four bases for the international oil industry’s Cap and Contain technology, which aims at capping pipes when oil spill occur, so as to control and stop the blow-out. Four Caps will be based around the world, of which one is to be located to Norway, covering immense areas. The Municipality and The Port of Bodø has commissioned Transportutvikling AS for assessing available functions for servicing a Cap in Bodø.

Project: The shipyard industry in Norway
Year: 2013
Client: Maritime Forum
Description: There are more than 30 shipyards in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark counties, for which their main activities are related to the marine segment, either regarding maintenance/service of vessels, shipbuilding/ship repair, or as a combination of these activities. There are, in addition, other mechanical industrial companies and smaller businesses which, to a certain extent, are focusing on marine activities.
There is at present a significant focus on activities related to the oil and gas segment in the northern areas, and how and how much yards and businesses in the northern counties will/can benefit from participating in these activities, f.i. as regards shipyard services and maintenance.
The main goal of this project has been to map existing yards and mechanical industries in Northern Norway, in order to assess possible activities related to future activities f.i.  within the oil- and gas segment in the north. The shipyard issue has been emphasized in this project.

Project: NORSLIP
Year: 2012
Project owner: Ibestad Bygg og Skipsservice AS
Description: Transportutvikling AS has carried out a market assessment of a joint slip consept between the partners Ibestad Bygg og Skipsservice and Seworks Slip AS. This assessment also includes a market evaluation and the basis for cooperation, as well as outlining a proposed business plan.

Project: Possible imports of biomass from Murmansk Oblast
Year: 2011
Client: The Barents Secretariat
Description: In Northern Norway today, there are several ongoing and future projects based on utilizing biomass for energy production purposes. The purpose of this study was to clarify essential conditions for ensuring stable delivery and transport of quality biomass products from a port in Murmansk Oblast and mainly to the Norwegian market, in accordance with specifications and at a reasonable price. The study also assess the North Norwegian market for biomass for energy producing purposes and the availability of raw materials in/from North West Russia. An assessment of logistical solutions to and from Murmansk is an essential issue in the study.

Project: Waste logistics in Northern Norway
Year: 2010
Client: The Technical College in Narvik
Description: The Technical College in Narvik has initiated a FoU-project in order to map the existing waste flow in Northern Norway. The main goal is to identify the total volumes of waste generated in Northern Norway, volumes processed in this part of Norway and volumes exported from Northern Norway. The project also discuss transport modes and patterns for waste transport.

Project: Improved economy and environmental standards for waste transport on The North Calotte
Year: 2009
Client: EU, through the Interreg IV A North programme, has been co-financing this project, which was commissioned by Hålogaland Ressursselskap (HRS) in Narvik and Tekniska Verken AB (TVAB) in Kiruna
Description: The main project goal is to improve economical and environmental conditions for waste transport between Kiruna, Sweden, and Northern Norway. The project has evaluated the possibility  of developing HUB-functions in Kiruna, connected to similar functions in Narvik. The project aims at contributing to improved economical results for the Companies involved, better utilisation of the transport vehicles and reduced external costs for the community in general.

Project: Marine based container transport in North-Norway
Year: 2009
Client: Maritimt Forum Nord
Description: This project is a pre-study, aiming at clarifying essential practical conditions for further development of marine based container transport in Northern Norway. The sea leg Narvik-Tromsø is to be evaluated in an integrated sailing schedule, involving MV TEGE’s present sailings Bodø-Alta-Bodø and intermediate ports. The project will put emphasis on clarifying market conditions, challenges and possibilities, and suggest a logistic operational concept and recommendations regarding choice of vessel(s).
The main goal is to clarify if such a marine concept is economically and environmentally sound.

Project: Smarttrans
Year: 2009
Client: Bodø University College
Description: The objective of this project has been to describe and analyze existing bottlenecks in developing cost-effective and environmentally friendly transport chains for fresh fish between Norway and the European Continent.

Project: Transport costs for fish-processing industries the Tysfjord – Vega range
Year: 2009
Client: Salten Regional Council, Helgeland Regional Council, Brødrene JTB Olsen AS, Modolv, Sjøseth Fisk AS, The Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Association, Nordland Fishermen’s Association and The County of Nordland
Description: Transportutvikling Bodø AS has presented a project report on marine freight costs related to the fish-processing industries in the Tysfjord – Vega range. The background for this project was alterations of the weight basis related to these costs, resulting in a considerable increase of the freight costs for the industries. The report also focuses on how the number of fishermen and fishing vessels have developed in this range. In addition, subsidies related to these industries are discussed in the paper.

Project: UIC Visions 2025-Railways of Latin America
Year: 2008
Client: The International Union of Railways (UIC)
Description: The objective of this study is to indicate scenarios for railway transport in Latin America towards 2025. All relevant Latin American railway countries are included. The project report is to be utilized as a descriptive strategy document for UIC.

Project: Feasibility study Stetind
Year: 2007
Client: Tysfjord Municipality
Description: This project is a pre-study with the purpose of presenting an evaluation of Norway`s national mountain Stetind`s potential as a tourist magnet and marketing symbol for local, commercial business. The study also contains proposals for steps to be taken in order to enhance tourism and commerce in the municipality of Tysfjord, Nordland.

The well-known international mountaineer and author Stein P. Aasheim has participated in this study.

Project: Tenders for operation of ferry routes in Troms – assistance to Troms County
Year: 2007
Client: Troms County
Description: Based on a decision by Troms County Council to call for tenders for operation of the county’s ferry routes, Transportutvikling AS has carried out a simplified evaluation of the route connections in question. The evaluation has mainly focused on route structure, vessels, technology and demands for environmental-friendly ferries, vessel’s size related to traffic figures, ferry quays, specific cost elements and investments. The evaluation also comments and discusses fares/income and structural issues which may influence future operations.

Project: Tenders for operation of the ferry route Drag – Kjøpsvik, assistance to Hurtigruten ASA
Year: 2007
Client: Hurtigruten ASA  Ferry and Fast commuter vessel
Description: Transportutvikling AS has – in connection with requests for tenders related to the operation of the ferry route Drag – Kjøpsvik -  performed a general evaluation of factors which may have influence on traffic and income for this operation during the next ten years.

Project: The Senja ferries
Year: 2007
Client: The Norwegian Road Directorate
Description: Transportutvikling AS has been commissioned by the Directorate to evaluate the operation of two ferry routes to Senja; The Malangen connection and the Andøya connection. Ferry quays, type of ferries, fares and market issues have been scrutinized, and – based on these data – the need for public co-funding has been estimated and evaluated.

Project: Visions 2025-the Railways of Middle-East
Year: 2007
Client: UIC
Description: The objectives for the study are to indicate scenarios for railway transport in Middle-East until year 2025 as a crucial element in UIC`s main strategy for developing the Middle-East railways. All relevant Middle-East railways/countries are included.

Project: Visions 2025-the Railways of Africa
Year: 2007
Client: UIC
Description: The objectives for the study are to indicate scenarios for railway transport in Africa until year 2025 as a crucial element in UIC`s main strategy for developing the African railways. All relevant African railways/countries are included.

Project: The fish farming industry’s transport requirements – structural changes in Nordland
Year: 2007
Client: Nordland County
Description: This project has been carried out in cooperation between Transportutvikling AS and Bodø University College, Centre for Innovation and Business economics (SIB). The project report describes transport and logistics related to fish farming in Nordland County and evaluates structural changes in this  trade, with emphasis on the structural development of the fish slaughtering industry.

Project: Samvärkan för tillväxt
Year: 2006 – 2007
Client: Tysfjord Municipality
Description: The project is an Interreg III Nord-project which aim is to evaluate conditions for developing business, trade and tourism cooperation between the municipalities of Gällivare and Tysfjord. Transportutvikling As has been given the task of describing and evaluating trade and tourism on the Norwegian side of the border.

Project: Pre-study - Port development in Mosjøen
Year: 2004 – 2005
Client: Mosjøen Port Authority AS
Description: This pre-study recommends certain measures to be adapted in order to developing the port of Mosjøen. It contains a description of the port’s present status, an evaluation of markets and  strategies, proposals for new activities, recommended priorities and a continuation of the development process.

Project: Strategic transport plan for Ofoten Phase 1 – Developing a freight centre/HUB in Narvik
Year: 2005 – 2006
Client: Narvik Commercial Forum BA
Description: This planning process focuses on cargo freight centre functions for Ofoten in Narvik, as an element of a total transport plan for the Ofoten region. A strategic plan for developing and co-ordinating optimal transport solutions for distribution and transit activities is to be produced, also taking into consideration other traffic modes as f.i. iron ore, LNG and passengers, and national and international environmental policies. The project shall also pinpoint the existing and potential flow of transport and commodities. Particular focus is given to distribution- and transit functions and challenges related to transport capacities and logistics.

Project: The Eurasian Land Bridge
Year: 2005 – 2006
Client: The International Union of Railways (UIC)
Description: The project focuses on advising how to improve transport of large volumes of cargo by rail between China and Europe. 2 – 4 large inland terminals in Europe are evaluated as to capacity when it comes to traffic and cargo volumes. An identical evaluation is carried out for a few chosen inland terminals in China. The project also includes proposals as to if - and - when deemed necessary - new terminals should ble established.

Project: Transport plan Helgeland – phase 1
Year: 2005 – 2006
Client: The Helgeland regional councils
Description: The region of Helgeland numbers 18 municipalities with a wide variation of commercial players requiring adequate transport solutions. The report aims at being a basis for further transport planning in Helgeland.

Project: MittSkandia
Year: 2005 – 2006
Client: Interreg project «MittSkandia Tvärkommunikationer»
Description: The project aims at developing the border-crossing regional co-operation between Västerbotten and Helgeland. A most important goal for the project is to document the present situation as to border-crossing transport movements and –volumes, and discussing different issues which may affect these transport movements in the future. The national subsidizing of transports in Sweden and Norway are given particular attention.

The project was carried out in co-operation between the Commercial University in Bodø, Centre for Innovation and Commerce, and Transportutvikling AS.

Project: Cost reduction Vacuro
Year: 2006
Client: Vacuro
Description: A paper estimating a reduction of investments and operating costs by using Vacuro’s method for labelling and identification of containers, compared with other known solutions. The paper is presently being utilized in marketing the Vacuro product.

Project: Saudi Land Bridge
Year: 2005
Client: Saudi Railways Organization
Description: The purpose of this study was to evaluate market opportunities for a possible railway connection across the Saudi Arabian peninsula between the Suez Canal (Yeddah) and the Persian Gulf (Dammam). The evaluation focuses on container traffic between Europe, North America and the Gulf countries.

Project: Feeder transport in 3 Nordland regions
Year: 2005
Client: Nordland County/NMC
Description: The project report describes alternative routing for feeder transport of fresh fish from a number of fish farming facilities along the coast of Nordland, towards certain intermodal/railway HUBs. The report also pinpoint different possibilities and challenges that have to be faced when it comes to intermodal transport solutions for sea food.

Project: The logistics of the Maghreb region
Year: 2004
Client: UIC (International Union of Railway)
Description: Transportutvikling AS has been chosen to conduct a pilot study for the establishment of a transport corridor between the Maghreb region and Europe. The project also includes a study targeting the internal transport structures in the region. The focus of the study is the railway, sea transport and ports of the region.

Project: Transport of fresh fish on the Nordland line railway from the Salten region
Year: 2003
Client: Salten Regional Council
Description: Conducted an evaluation of obstacles and possibilities for the further development of transport of fresh fish from the Salten region on the Nordland line railway. Concrete financial calculations- and logistical assessment were made.

Project: Fast passenger ferry service Narvik-Svolvær
Year: 2003
Client: Futurum AS (on behalf of municipality and business community along the service route).
Description: Evaluation of possibilities to re-open the fast passenger ferry service Narvik – Svolvær. Suggestion how to proceed was described with basis in a new service structure and ship types.

Project: Fast passenger ferry service Rosendal-Flesland/Bergen
Year: 2003
Client: HSD Sjø AS, Outokumpo Norzink AS, Tinfos Titan & Iron AS, Tyssefaldene AS, Norsk Vannkraft og Industristadmuseum, Hardanger Vekst, Folgefonn Næringshage AS, Steinsvik Maskinindustri AS og Rosendal Utvikling AS (project coordinator)
Description: Market evaluation of the potential for a direct fast passenger ferry service between the municipality of Rosendal and Flesland/Bergen. The project also provided recommendation with regards to type of ship.

Project: Northern Maritime Corridor
Year: 2003 –
Client: Nordland County Council for Regional activities and various regions for Transnational activities.
Description: Transportutvikling AS has entered into a framework agreement with the NMC project (Interreg III B). The NMC is the term for a sea based transportation corridor that stretches from Northern Norway and North West Russia to the Continent, connecting the coastal areas of North Sea and the Northern Periphery. 20 regions in eight countries (Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, The Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Sweden and Norway) are partners in the project.
Have made a report that among other things maps the current regional situation for Short Sea Shipping to- and from Nordland County with regards to: shipping companies, sailing schedules, the largest importers and exporters, types of cargo, cargo volumes, modes of transportation, value etc. An other report focuses on the existing transport solutions for the seafood industry in Nordland County with regards to cargo volumes, types of seafood, transport corridors, distribution centers etc.

Project: The Nordland line railway – delays
Year: 2002
Client: Norwegian National Railway Administration - Region North
Description: Study included: Evaluation of the consequences of the poor punctuality of the Nordland line railway has for the business community and transport volumes; An economics analysis of the effect of introducing Centralized Traffic Control (CTC); Assessment of the market opportunities.

Project: Railway solution for industries in Nordland County
Year: 2001, 2002 – 2003
Client: Elkem, Fundia and the Regional Authority of Northern Norway (LU)
Description: A project in two parts.
Part 1 consisted of the evaluation and give recommendations that form the basis for the development of more competitive railway solutions for the heavy industry in the counties of North-Trøndelag and Nordland. Primary focus is placed on the continental markets and the development of transport solutions that would provide balanced trade and high frequency.
Part 2 consisted of the preparation of an information document in connection with the National Transport Plan (NTP) 2006-2015, primarily targeted political actors. Transportutvikling AS furthermore prepared a comprehensive information prospectus/request for proposal document named ‘Invitation for Expression of Interest’ primarily targeted towards transport providers.

Project: East-West transports - Northern Alternative (N.E.W.)
Year: 2001 – 2004
Client: UIC – The International Union of Railways, Swedish National Railway Administration, Finnish Rail Administration, Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication, Massport (USA), Port of Narvik and Futurum.
Description: The conceptual idea for the N.E.W. freight corridor was launched by the business development company Futurum AS. The International Union of Railways in Paris (UIC) initiated the idea into the project ‘Northern East-West Freight Corridor’ (N.E.W.) which that shall contribute in developing intermodal transport solutions between USA/Canada and Central Asia through the Barents region. Transportutvikling AS conducts the market analysis, competitive evaluations and describe the overall transport concept.
The project has gained wide international acclaim and UIC has described the N.E.W. corridor as their single most important project and a reference for other international corridors.
The projects objective is to establish a trial transport and to prepare for further commercialization of the corridor.

Project: Alternative transports for the fish-farming industry in Nordland
Year: 2001.
Client: Nordland Fish Farming Association, Bodø Municipality, Mosjøen & Surrounding Areas Business Development Company and Nordland County Council
Description: A pilot project considering the possibilities for increased railway transport from Mosjøen and Bodø to the continent. The key element in this project is to assess the possibility of using the railway in view of the overall development of the market. Specific calculations related to various alternatives have been made.